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Sessions for Parents Archive

At St Luke's, we value and recognise the importance of school, parents/carers and the children working together. There are a variety of groups for parents/carers and pre-school children throughout the week in our community area and throughout the year there will be lots of opportunities for parents/carers to come into school.


Learning Together Sessions are organised to give parents/carers the opportunity to come into school and see how and what their child is learning. There are two planned sessions for each year group per academic year.

In addition to the Learning Together Sessions, many of the Subject Leaders will lead a range of workshops throughout the year. Examples are Phonics and Reading, SPaG, Maths, e-Safety. Many parents/carers attend these workshops and find them really useful.


We also have parents/carers consultations three times per year (November, March and July). Parents/Carers are invited to make appointments with their child's teacher in order to discuss progress, next steps and any concerns that they may have. Parents/Carers find these consultations really helpful and enables us to work together as a partnership. 

Please see the feedback from Parents/carers who have attended either the workshops or Learning Together Sessions and we look forward to seeing you there!

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