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Collective Worship & Religious Education

Religious Education is an integral part of our school and taught throughout the school and clear instruction is given from the Bible, from which we take the teachings of the Christian faith and on which the practice of the Church of England is based. As a Church of England (Aided) School, the children learn about the beliefs, teachings, practices and lifestyles of Christianity using Understanding Christianity units and the Lichfield's Diocesan Scheme of Work. In addition, the children are taught about aspects of Sikhism and Islam which are reflective of the religions represented in the local community.

Collective worship aims to provide the opportunity for pupils to worship God. The aim is not solely to educate, but also to evoke a sense of worship – worship being the gathering together of the school community to express feelings of respect and worth for ourselves, our local community and our world, in response to God’s gifts to us.

Collective Worship is organised as follows:

Whole School Collective Worship

Class Worship

Year group Worship

Sing & Praise

Celebrate & Praise

Parents/Carers are very welcome to join us at monthly Family Worship and special festival celebrations throughout the year which are held in conjunction with St Luke’s Church.

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