Assessment at St Luke's

Assessment in Maths and English

Children are assessed using Age Related Expectations, using Emerging, Developing and Secure. Data is collected on a termly basis and analysed through Pupil Progress meetings. If and when appropriate, when children are secure in the age related expectations, opportunities will be provided to enable children to gain mastery of the curriculum appropriate to their age related expectation.


Assessment in other subjects

Learner Profiles are in place for all of the other subject areas which focus on progression of skills and knowledge related to Programmes of Study for the relevant year groups/ phases. The profiles ensures that children are taught a variety of skills and knowledge in all the different subjects, ensuring that our children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum during their time at St Luke's. Assessments are completed at the end of each topic which are then shared with Parents/Carers via the End of Year report.


Assessment in Early Years

Children in Nursery and Reception are still to be assessed against the Early Years Profile through observation, dialogue and evidence gathered in 'Station time' and 'Project time'.