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Welcome to Summer term 2020!

To all of our children and their families of St Luke’s,

Good afternoon everyone, yesterday would normally be the start of the Summer term and usually we would be welcoming you into school and starting the new term off with a special PSHE focus day. However, due to schools continuing to be closed, we cannot do that for now so I decided to message you all instead.

I hope you have all enjoyed some fun times with your family over the Easter break - maybe playing in the garden, taking a bike ride, walking in the sunshine or being creative. In between doing school work and being in school, I have been busy in the garden and have been going on a daily walk with my two children, who are enjoying riding their bikes!

Now that school has been closed for 4 weeks in total, you may be starting to miss the routine of a school day and seeing your friends – I know I certainly am! So as we enter our 5th week of school being closed, I would like you to try and do these things for me every day, if you can:

1. Make good behaviour choices and show Respect – remember our Rainbow Rules! You are all great at doing this in school so the same rules apply at home.

2. Your teachers have been very busy setting work and tasks for you to do, these are added to every week and we do expect you to try and complete some of this work—you can access these on our school website, Teams or Padlet. Try to do some every day and keep reading. Set yourself a learning goal and aim for it. There are lots of apps and websites that we also subscribe to and there are also some other resources listed below which you can also access.

3. Do some daily physical exercise, either in the house or in the garden, or go for a walk (with an adult of course!)

4. Be thankful and try to see positives in every day - this is a difficult time for everyone and we need to be resilient and keep on going!

5. Use Teams or Padlet to connect with your friends and teachers! If you need help with how to do this, contact school either by email or by phone – someone is there every day!

Remember, you are welcome to email the school address to share anything that you have done or if you need to contact us about anything – we check the school email every day.

With regards to FSM, we are continuing to support our families by ordering FSM Vouchers. This has been organised by the Government and is aimed at children eligible for benefits-related free school meals. Please note that the scheme does not cover universal infant free school meals to pupils in reception, year 1, or year 2 who, unless they qualify as benefits-related.

Unfortunately, there is a huge demand for vouchers and therefore, the process is taking longer than expected. The time between school ordering vouchers and then these being delivered by email to parents is taking a long time. This is something that I am unable to control. If your circumstances have changed and you think you may be eligible for FSM, then please contact school via our email.

I miss everyone lots and lots, and I know that all of the staff are really looking forward to us all being back together again.

Please take care and keep safe, Mrs Grennan


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