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Update: Re-opening to more children

Dear Parents, the Prime Minister has now confirmed that schools will re-open from Monday 1st June to more children. At St Luke's we are taking a very cautious and gradual approach - beginning with our Year 6 children and those Key Worker children who have already been attending. Monday 1st June: INSET (no children in school)

Tuesday 2nd June: Key Worker children (who have booked a place) and Year 6 children (whose parents have informed school they are returning). Children are not being taught in their usual classes of 30, the Local Authority have suggested much smaller groups due to Social distancing and to keep everyone as safe as possible. This is why we have been contacting parents in the year groups returning regarding whether they intend to send children back to school or keep them at home. It is is very important that you do not just send your child into school without making contact with school first (either telephone or school email) as all of our groups (bubbles) have been arranged and staffed accordingly. Please keep checking the Letters to Parents folder on the Home Learning section and also, the risk assessment which we have completed is in the Health & Safety folder. Thank you and keep safe, we will keep in touch Mrs Grennan


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