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Summer Term!

Hi Year 4!

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter break and aren't too full from all the chocolate! We're now into the summer term and that means we'll be doing lots of new things over the next few weeks and months.

To help us, the BBC have released some cool new lessons and activities that you can do. There is also a new 'online' school called The Oak National Academy that has been made to help share some great lessons you can be doing too. is the link for Week 1 of the BBC Bitesize activities - go check it out!

Try to stick with what they recommend to do each day (I know some of you are eager and keen, but don't rush ahead as you'll run out of things to do!) There are always 3 lessons a day, 1 English, 1 maths and then 1 other lesson (which are normally our afternoon lessons). You can do the work in your purple books! is the link to The Oak National Academy. As I write this post, there isn't anything on there as it goes "live" on Monday so you can access things from then :)

Remember, as well as this, there are all the other fun things you can be doing, it's not about sitting at a computer or tablet all day! I'm learning a new language at the minute and doing lots more cooking for example!

Take care, Year 4. We miss you lots and can't wait to see you all soon!


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