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Good morning everyone, I am sure that you were as shocked & surprised as I was to hear yesterday's announcement from the Prime Minister regarding schools.

Obviously, as a school we had planned how we were going to support home learning but only envisaged this to be for a short time. Now that children will be learning from home for a longer time, staff are going to also put work packs together which will be delivered home on a regular basis. This will mean that children will have a ‘blended approach to learning’ which will mean that the children will not be required to be online all day and have a mixture of activities. This will also help those families with a limited number of devices in the household. All we ask is that you please bear with us as these packs are put together and requests for borrowing/loaning school IT devices are sorted.

We also understand that many parents are getting used to using Microsoft Teams for the 1st time and we will try and support you in this as much as we can. Please find a sway about Teams which parents may find helpful: and don't forget to check the Home Learning section on the website!

Thank you everyone, we will keep in touch - stay safe!

Mrs Grennan

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