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Personal, Social and Health Education, Behaviour and Citizenship is embedded in the curriculum which has been designed to be engaging for all years through a topic based approach which develops pupil’s skills and knowledge in order to succeed throughout their lives. This is contributing positively to raising pupils’ achievement which is demonstrated through the progress that our pupils make from their very low starting points. The broad scope of the curriculum has a positive impact on pupils’ outcomes and their personal, development, behaviour and welfare and their Physical and Mental wellbeing.


Our PSHE curriculum is also enriched through an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, educational visits and visitors into school. These activities improve the artistic, creative and sporting abilities of pupils. In addition to the integrated PSHE curriculum, dedicated PSHE focus days have been implemented each term to address issues such as PREVENT, disability awareness, Growth Mindset, Resilience. These have been well received by both children and staff.


From September 2018, St Luke's will be working intensively with Headstart Programme, mainly with our Year 6 children but there will also be scope for whole school work. We are really looking forward to this.

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