Creative Arts

Art & Design, Design & Technology and Music at St. Luke’s are taught predominantly as part of a themed curriculum which integrates this subject into topics covering the National Curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to learn independently through a range of activities carried out across an afternoon. Skills lessons are taught separately to ensure understanding and these are then incorporated into the independent learning sessions. 

From Year 1 to Year 6 the children learn about different skills in all subjects; in Art & Design, children are encouraged to develop their own ideas, taking inspiration form the greats (classic and modern). Children are also taught techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture, digital media, collage, printing and textiles. In addition, the Creative Arts team have recently introduced ‘Art Attack’ sessions where children are encouraged to use the sills that they have been exposed to throughout their time in school.

In Design & Technology, children are taught the key concepts of design, make, evaluate and improve. They are taught practical skills in food, textiles, structures, mechanics, electrics and electronics and computing. In addition, children learn about design throughout history.

In Music, children learn the skills of composition, transcribing, playing and performing music whilst also developing musical vocabulary in order to describe music and taking inspiration from the greats (classic and modern). Each week, children listen to and discuss a variety of musical genres through ‘Music Monday’. This was introduced in Spring 2018 and was a real hit with the children and staff! 

We use Learner Profiles in all of these subjects to plan and assess progress and coverage across each phase.